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Shopping Malls to Deliver?

COMING SOON to a mall near you: Home Delivery Service??

Not surprisingly, someone is taking the bull by the horns when it comes to conventional bricks and mortar malls competing with online retailers. And also not surprisingly, it’s a start-up originating in California.

Here’s a synopsis of what’s going on, as written by Jill Krasny for and posted/updated on December 12, 2013.

“The phrase “shop ‘til you drop” is taking on new meaning: A Silicon Valley startup, Deliv, is enabling customers to ditch their bags but keep right on spending.

Shopping mall operators Macerich, Westfield Group, Simon Property Group, and General Growth Properties are expected to announce the new partnership Thursday, following a trial at several malls this year, The Wall Street Journal reports. Although the service will be mainly available in California, its owners plan to expand it next year.

The news comes just a day after Amazon brought its same-day grocery delivery service, AmazonFresh, to the Bay Area and Home Depot revealed plans to spend at least $300 million over the next two years developing same-day delivery. Rapid delivery has become a focal point of retail, and Deliv offers brick-and-mortar busineses an edge over online retailers such as Amazon, Google and eBay, which offer same-day service in certain markets.”

The full story can be found at

This should be of interest to shoppers everywhere, as it ups the ante for service and convenience, as traditional malls and online retailers prepare to do some serious battling for consumers’ affections (and who’s kidding who, their dollars). But it’s of particular interest to us at Aftershock, as several of our clients are shopping malls throughout Canada.

But this is not a new, earth-shattering idea. In fact, it’s something that came out of our own brainstorming sessions with clients over 4 years ago. But unfortunately, due to a lack of infrastructure, budget and will, it remained an untapped, unexecuted idea. But now the times have changed, the competitive landscape has shifted and it’s clearly an idea whose time has come. Certainly Deliv and their investors think so. After all, they’re pouring $300 million dollars into this, in order to offer it as an outsourced service to malls everywhere. And good for them.

So here’s a prediction. (Disclosure: I am loathe to make predictions… I am no Faith Popcorn, Seth Godin or Kreskin. But here goes.)

This will be successful. Massively successful. At least for a time. It will go from being a “perk” that is a pleasant surprise,  to being a service that is simply expected from every retailer. It may even keep the vampires from the door in conventional retail’s battle with the online outlets. Especially in segments where the tactile experience of shopping is important, like clothing/fashion. But the respite it will provide to malls and retailers will be temporary, as the only constant in life is change. The next weapon in the retail wars will come along, and the conventional/online battles will continue to rage. The stakes are so high that it would be foolish to think otherwise. Both sides have to be on their toes, seeking any and all possible advantages. And you, the consumer will be the beneficiary.

We are living in an unprecedented age of rapid change. As the old Buddhist curse goes “May you live in interesting times…” The times for all of us, but especially retailers are certainly “interesting”.

Good luck to Deliv on this intiative. We’ll be watching closely.

First Steps on a Long Journey

Here we go.

It’s official – I have gone over to the dark side.

I am now a blogger.

It’s now time to practice what I preach, and lead by example. Professionally, we can’t get away with the same approach or traps that we may somewhat lazily fall into when parenting. You parents know – the arguments that end with “because I said so!”, or “you will understand one day”. This might (or might not) work with your six-year-old. But I can guarantee you that it will not work with clients and prospects. They want proof. Data. Case studies. Results.

Many clients are wary of many aspects of marketing, but especially of social media. They need answers. They need reassurance. And most of all, they need guidance. So, in a roundabout way, that’s what this blog will set out to provide.

But it won’t be all social media all the time. I’ll spout off with opinions, professional advice, personal anecdotes, links to cool stuff, and streams of consciousness. Sometimes (hopefully often), there may even be a point.

So stand by, and let’s see how this goes. Feel free to tell me how you feel – good, bad or indifferent. I’m sure we can all learn a thing or two, and have some fun along the way.

Welcome to Aftershock Creative

Every brand has a story waiting to be unlocked.

We’re here to tell it, build it, and protect it.

So what’s your story? Here’s ours.

Aftershock Creative is an award-winning boutique ad agency/graphic design studio with 20 + years of experience. Our roots are in print design, but in recent years there’s been a seismic shift toward digital and online marketing integrated together with traditional advertising channels. We’ve embraced this and have helped clients navigate their way through this brave new world.

We’ve been around long enough to know how to do things right, from strategy to concept to execution… and we’re young and current enough to know what is “now” and what is coming.

That’s our story. We’d love to here yours. Or better yet, help you craft it.